Heather Victoria - Grafitti Diary Mixtape

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Heather Victoria - Grafitti Diary Mixtape Front Tracklist for Heather Victoria - Grafitti Diary

  1. I'm Ready (Intro) (prod. E. Jones)
  2. When I Dream feat Tom Hardy (prod. Eric G)
  3. Missing You feat Big Remo (prod. Khrysis)
  4. What I Need feat HaLo aka Mr Ben Ready (prod. Amp)
  5. Your Lady feat Laws (prod. Khrysis)
  6. Won't Stress Me feat Rapsody (prod. Khrysis)
  7. Tore My Head Up (prod. 9th Wonder)
  8. Greatest Love Of All (prod. Fatin)
  9. Grafiti Diary (Interlude) (prod Ka$h)
  10. Go feat Skyzoo (prod. E. Jones)
  11. Time Is The Teacher (prod. 9th Wonder)
  12. Don't Ever Take Your Love Away (prod. E. Jones)
  13. My All (Outro) (prod. Marco Smoov)

TP - TP Is My Hero FreEP

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TP - TP Is My Hero FreEP Front Tracklist for TP - TP Is My Hero FreEP

  1. Intro ft. Tyler Woods
  2. Gotta Work ft. King Mez, Halo, & Heather Victoria
  3. From The Tre 4 To The Dean Dome
  4. Amped Up
  5. I Found It
  6. Lucky fella ft. Thee Tom Hardy
  7. Man Up_Woman Up
  8. dream BIG ft. Rapsody
  9. Word Up University
  10. Baby
  11. All You Need Is Me ft. Big Remo
  12. Crossroads ft. Phonte
  13. Actuality ft. Actual Proof
  14. I Wanna Be A Hero ft. Heather Victoria & Skyzoo
  15. Young G
  16. Keep Goin On

Big Remo - Robinhood Ree

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Big Remo - Robinhood Ree Front Tracklist for Big Remo - Robinhood Ree

  1. Intro ft. Ricky Ruckus
  2. One for The Fam ft. Sean Boog & Khrysis of The Away Team
  3. Molotov Ree
  4. Side Of The City
  5. Baby Mama House
  6. Takers
  7. Robinhood Ree
  8. Grind ft. Bun B
  9. Into The Darkness ft. Khrysis
  10. Black Jedi
  11. Spit Game ft. Skyzoo
  12. Know How It Goes Down
  13. Let It Ride
  14. Living Our Dreams
  15. Spark Somethin' ft. Tyler Woods & Laws
  16. Yota Music ft. Enigma of Actual Proof
  17. Loyalty ft. Sean Boog of The Away Team
  18. Get Back Down
  19. Cipher Kid Remix ft. Rapsody
  20. Human Nature ft. Phonte
  21. Slumdog Millionaire
  22. Yall Ain't Pimpin'